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We are a non-profit organization with the intent to carry out development and solidarity projects in poor countries; satisfy the material, moral and spiritual needs of people who live in very poor conditions.We are committed to work for the promotion of sustainable human progress; all we do is based on Christian principles of charity and human dignity."That His name be great among the nations" Malachi 1:11



A.M.E.N.was born on 28th February 1998, committing to help poor people in developing countries. The agency is an NGO in Angola, a registered charity in the UK and a recognized non-profit organization in Italy. Nowadays in Angola, A.M.E.N. has completed the missionary centre called "Beniamino", which includes a school and a medical centre that provides help for two thousand children, a Bible study centre, a bakery, and a church. Furthermore, the centre offers these children primary and secondary education and at least a meal per day.




The Beniamino School Centre has got acknowledgment as the best school and the best teaching staff by the Regional School Board of Education Ministry of Angola.
At the moment we run a school with about 900 children.


The children receive medical treatments and visits from the medical center, and every day the medical staff visits up to 60 patients per day, plus the emergencies.


We produce medications on site. It consists to teach the youth of the center to produce handmade medicines (antibiotics, antimalarials, ointments, etc.) and the work is constantly controlled by the APPA's charity.


All the children who attend the school receive a piece of bread before the start of classes and pasta with vegetables or meat during the break. Furthermore, they can drink clean and fresh water from the fountain inside the center.

spiritual needs

The church activities are coordinated by Pastor David, who is a God
servant with a strong zeal for serving the Lord. Among the members, there are a lot of young people who are involved in the evangelistic activities held in the Centre and its surroundings.


Vision Centres where patients can receive a free walk-in eye test, purchase an affordable pair of glasses to correct their vision or, if necessary, be referred for further specialist treatment.


“Solidarity is in the heart of AMEN and all its staff! Your work is so important, and doing so God will give you the ability more and more.” ANTONIO CALIPA“All I’ve seen listened and touched it’s nothing compared to all that place can give to you. It seems trivial to say that the children make everything so special and unique with their simplicity, their smile, and their love for life.” FRANCESCA“I left Africa and the Beniamino Centre with the hope to come back soon, and with the deepest certainty that all of us have to raise the missionary vision and support it. I thank God to have visited the AMEN Centre: “Oasis of Angola.” ROBERTO



The 100% of public donations go directly to fund the projects.

We depend on private donors to cover any expenses. These donors are some of our most dedicated supporters: their investment allows us to go on with the current projects, improve the management of the organization, and continue on our mission using 100% of public donations for AMEN Mission.


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